The magic of glass

by Livio Seguso - Murano, December 2013

"A few months ago I met Roberto Perziano when he came to my studio in Murano with a common friend. I immediately got the sense that the person before me was an open and sensitive man then when I found out that he was the son of a dear, old friend of mine, the revelation moved me deeply. I showed him around the studio and displayed my work. He showed considerable interest in it. Shyly he said to me that he loved art and glass in particular and it was this which was the starting point for us getting to know each other better. I invited him to show me what he'd made, an invitation which he promptly accepted. A few days later he turned up with a series of interesting small works which left me literally and positively surprised to say the least. That early work showed a controlled virtuosity which made his polychrome images float in space like butterflies and find the perfect place to settle, attaining graceful and harmonious movement in this way.

Attracted by his work, I decided to explore my interest in him in greater depth and was given the opportunity to make contact with new creations which showed me without a shadow of a doubt that he was not lacking what was required for top quality results on either the technical nor the creative level.

Overcoming the limits and unknowns of this material he managed to give his best at all times in the desire to bring the expectations in his emotional world to fruition.
His creations make clear that every intervention must be meticulously planned but it is, at the same time, evident that Perziano knows how to improvise, highlighting his undoubted creativity, a quality which comes through more strongly in his latest work and which has also, above all, involved him in experiences hitherto completely new to him.

In his most recent work, I have also noted that he has put into practice another technique known as grinding which produces pleasantly velvety effects which show the graphic composition as a whole to great effect and give a feeling of movement and optical illusion which are finished off by an ideal plastic form. Roberto Perziano's rigour and mastery of technique lend his work a perfect symbiosis of compositional harmony and formal elegance. Every single detail gives a measured quality to his work which, together with the beauty of the glass material, lends it a decidedly decorative meaning. We must give credit to this artist for his research work and encourage him in a journey which certainly puts his evident and undeniably artistic gifts in the limelight".